Things that Make Me Feel Good List

By Sherrie Dunlevy

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Grief can play sneaky games.

One minute you are doing fine and the next minute a song comes on over the intercom at the grocery store and you are immediately reminded of of your lost loved one and suddenly you are right back in the middle of your pain.


And sometimes, those sad feelings can last for more than just a few minutes or hours. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a funk.


So what can you do to start feeling better when you are feeling so bad? Well, now is not the time to figure that out.

That's why on those ok days, those good days, you need to fill out this "Things that Make Me Feel Good" list so that next time you are down in the dumps, you don;t have to think about getting out of the funk, you can grab your list, read it over and DO SOMETHING that makes you feel BETTER!


Reasons to use your FEEL GOOD List

Reason 1

You're in a funk and can't figure out a way to get out of it.

Reason 2

You're feeling too sad to suddenly think about happy things to do.

Reason 3

You Want to Start Feeling BETTER!!

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About the Author

Former NBC News Anchor Sherrie Dunlevy served the Wheeling, WV area for nearly 30 years both on television and radio.

Today she is a best selling author, Inspirational speaker and the Founder of the Graduating Grief Academy and online support community, host of the Graduating Grief podcast.

Her Number one best selling book

“How Can I Help?” was written to to help people know exactly what to say and do when the people they love and care about are hurting.

As a self proclaimed #Inspirationista, Sherrie's passion lies in inspiring and encouraging women to step beyond the pain of their past, so they can step fully into living with purpose, passion and JOY.